Top 5 uses of vinyl stickers for your business

Are you looking for alternative ways to brand your business? Do you want to increase brand awareness and reach new customers, but are working with a limited budget? Or do you simply want to explore your options?

In this article, we will introduce you to a low-cost, yet highly effective marketing tool you might not have considered yet: custom vinyl stickers

Stickers are powerful advertising tools that can help you hit your growth targets and spread the word about your brand. Below, you will find five hands-on ways you can reap the rewards of sticker marketing. Does that sound good? Then let us get straight to it. 


  1. Elevate your packaging

Custom printed stickers make you incredibly flexible. Using them, you can realize marketing campaigns within days and switch existing campaigns up quickly by adding themed stickers. Vinyl stickers are perfect for your packaging because they resist water, sunlight and scratches, meaning they will withstand the elements or occasional bumps they can experience in transportation. 

One of our favorite ways to level up your packaging are seasonal stickers. They not only allow you to unleash your creativity, but to surprise your customers and make them smile. While this sounds superficial, it forges positive associations that ensure your customers will remember their interaction with your brand. 

  1. Try limited edition stickers 

You have probably come across many limited edition labels – that is because they work. Limited edition stickers are a great example of how a small sticker can communicate a host of brand values and amplify purchase decisions. With limited edition stickers, you limit the time your customers have to make a decision, as your product or range might not be available upon their next visit. 

On top of that, it enables you to create product scarcity. This means that your product will automatically be more desirable to customers due to its limited availability. To emphasize this, we recommend using a premium holographic label that communicates the luxurious, high-quality features of your product. 

  1. Brand it with window stickers 

If you have an actual storefront, this tip is for you. No matter if your store is located in a modern mall or part of an idyllic high street, your store windows are your business card for by passers. Do not let them go unbranded but use them to create brand awareness and ignite curiosity. 

Transparent vinyl stickers are perfect for this. We recommend getting them as front adhesive stickers. This means that they will have the glue on top of your design, allowing you to apply your stickers to the inside of your window. Using a transparent vinyl base means that your customers will still be able to spot your products through the window.  

  1. Add free stickers to your orders 

Stickers are not only effective and versatile, they are also very low-cost. This makes them a low-risk investment that almost guarantees a positive return on investment. Based on this, we highly recommend getting the most out of your stickers and adding them to every order or purchase for free. 

Free stickers are rarely seen as a form of advertising. Instead, we consider them to be gifts. Gifts have a firm place in marketing, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the balance between free gifts and sticking to your marketing budget. Stickers are a great way to benefit from the psychological reaction to gift-giving, while not exceeding your finances. 

This reaction is referred to as the rule of reciprocity. It means that when we receive a gift, we feel the need to return the favor. This can take the form of a recommendation or even a repeat purchase. On top of that, your customers can actually use your stickers and become your brand ambassadors. Just imagine your logo as a laptop sticker for everyone to see.

  1. Give guerrilla marketing a try

Lastly, let us have a look at a more out-of-the-box-idea. You have probably heard about guerrilla marketing before. It describes non-traditional forms of advertising that center on catching customers off-guard and ignite a positive emotional reaction through an interaction with your brand. 

Guerrilla marketing does not depend on money. Instead, a good guerrilla marketing campaign takes time, creativity and energy, making it the perfect option for small businesses. Stickers are a great way to test guerrilla marketing strategies as they allow you to cover lots of territory and spread your message quickly. 

And here we are. We hope you loved these tips on how to use vinyl stickers for your business and are ready to explore the world of sticker marketing. If you want to share more tips and tricks around sticker marketing, we would love to hear them in the comments below.